Krush, Kill N' Destroy (KKND)

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Krush, Kill N' Destroy (KKND)
KKND 1.jpg
Alliance overview
Alliance Name: Krush, Kill N' Destroy
Alliance Tag: KKND
Founded: 12-05-2013
Leader: Fleet Commander Davis
Members: 11
Recruiting: Yes
Alliance stats
Alliance Rank: Elite Class
  Total Average
Overall: 17 17
Building: 15 16
Destroyed Ships: 21 21
Fleet: 14 14
Defense: 15 15
Research: 15 16
Crew: 10 10
War records
Wins Losses Draws
0 0 0
Last updated: 2015-12-13

Don't let numbers of "bigger" alliances intimidate you, or make you think we are "too small" to accomplish things. Many of these bigger alliances are so, because they have crossed-over from other versions of SFC along with their members. We being in the top 10 for just starting out I believe is a great start! Let's keep pushing towards our achievements and quests, and our ranks will continue to improve. Its nice to know you have an alliance behind you...!

At KKND we let you play how you want to play... all we ask is that you have fun doing so!! :) This alliance is about fun primarily and if we do make it to the top that's a bonus.

We are currently accepting applications. Look us up in game and join us. We would love to have you.

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