Klingon Black Fleet (KBF)

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Klingon Black Fleet (KBF)
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Alliance overview
Alliance Name: Klingon Black Fleet
Alliance Tag: KBF
Genre: Star Trek
Founded: 2011-05-28
Leader: Cha'DICH
Members: 1
Recruiting: Yes
Alliance stats
Alliance Rank: Conqueror Class
  Total Average
Destroyed Ships:
War records
Wins Losses Draws
Last updated: 2016-1-27
KBF Banner.png



Klingon Black Fleet is looking for Warriors to join in our battles and victories.

Several of our Klingon brothers and sisters are incredible in battle and can teach the newer warriors to be the same.

ALL SFC rules must be followed by the strictest of adherence. Failure to do so will result in banishment:

All potential members of the Klingon Black Fleet are subject to screening by the Klingon Black Fleet Security Office personnel. Expect a message shortly after applying to become a member. Be advised that it may take upwards of 12 hours to receive a response from the Security Office. If you were referred, please include the name of the person that referred you, as well as your Home World location.


You may not advertise any product or service in game. You may also not mass-message users with your crew links, alliance requests, or anything else.

Verbal Abuse

Conversation must be civil. Verbal abuse in messaging, even private messages, will not be tolerated.


It is illegal to request or send payment of any sort for withholding or canceling attacks.


Players may not use any sort of automated script or program to run missions or perform any other in-game actions.

Multiple Accounts

Players are only allowed one account per Universe.

One Player Per Account

Each account may be accessed by only one player.

Heghlu'meH QaQ jajvam: It is a good day to die!

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