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Bishop (Checkmate) Charter


About Us

We, the members of Bishop have a singular vision and goal - to have a good time. In order to ensure the best possible experience for us and those around us, members shall:

1. Conduct ourselves with the utmost honor and respect to others.

2. Never prey on those much weaker than us (without new high-level players, the game will stagnate)

3. Help those in need of assistance

4. Protect our fellow members

5. Show mercy when necessary

We are here to play. Though this is a game, members of Bishop will take the rules seriously. We will work together. We will show this universe that we are here to stay and we will take our place among the stars.

Do not let our oath of fairness and compassion fool you. We are here to play and we are here to win. We are fiercely protective of our own. Players antagonizing our members to excess will be dealt with most harshly, (similarly, members found breaking game rules, or conducting themselves outside of alliance code of conduct will be disciplined, and/or have their membership revoked.)

Join us if you want. Oppose us if you dare. But most of all, have fun!

Senior Officers

Alliance Leader - Admiral Phelan

Vice Admiral - Admiral_Bishop

Junior Officers

Lt Commander - Stang69

Lt Commander - Mayo Deftinwolf

Lieutenant - NuclearIce

Lieutenant - Commander Wilkins

Lieutenant - AfterShock

Lieutenant - Catfud42

Lieutenant - NICOLO

Lt Junior Grade - Commander 5196119

Lt Junior Grade - schlosser

Lt Junior Grade - Captain Wanni

Lt Junior Grade - Captain Lillith

Lt Junior Grade - Captain Tweek

Ensign - ESBence07

Ensign - thmokey

Available Ranks

Admiral Ranks
Vice Admiral
Rear Admiral
Senior Officer Ranks
Junior Officer Ranks
Lieutenant Commander
Lieutenant Junior Grade

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