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Rapid Fire is a property of many ships. In Combat, when a ship fires upon a unit against which it has Rapid Fire, it will get a chance to fire once again.

How It Works

Ships have Rapid Fire ratings against specific ships and defenses. For instance, a Poseidon Class has Rapid Fire 10 against a Missile Battery. The chance that a ship will get to fire again after striking the unit it has Rapid Fire against is calculated by the following formula:

Chance =
R - 1

Where R = the unit's Rapid Fire rating against the unit it struck.

The following table gives you percentages for rapid fire values:

Factor Chance-
Factor Chance-
2 50.00% 25 96.00%
3 66.67% 30 96.67%
4 75.00% 33 96.97%
5 80.00% 50 98.00%
6 83.33% 100 99.00%
7 85.71% 200 99.50%
10 90.00% 250 99.60%
15 93.33% 1250 99.92%
20 95.00%

Extra shots gained from Rapid Fire are randomly targeted, just like original shots. If they hit another unit against which they have Rapid Fire, there will be another chance for an extra Rapid Fire shot. This repeats until each unit either hits a unit against which it does not have Rapid Fire, or it fails a Rapid Fire chance.

  1. A Poseidon Class comes into combat against 3 Missile Batteries and a Laser Cannon. The Poseidon's first hit is randomly assigned and happens to hit a Missile Battery. Its Rapid Fire rating is 10, which using our formula above gives us a 9/10 (90%) chance of getting another free shot.
  2. Let's suppose the Rapid Fire chance is successful, and the unit gets another shot. It happens to hit one of the other Missile Batteries, which means it again has a 90% chance of getting a free shot. We will say that it succeeds, and randomly shoots at another target.
  3. This time its shot hits the Laser Cannon. The Poseidon has no Rapid Fire against the Laser Cannon, so it is now done shooting for the round.

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