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Interplanetary Ballistic Missiles (IBMs) are projectiles used to destroy a planet's defenses. They are built in the Shipyard and stored in the Missile Silo, with each missile taking two slots in the Silo. Unlike combat, defenses destroyed by Interplanetary Missiles do not get the 70% regeneration rate.

In Starfleet Hired Guns, they must be built on a Missile Silo Territory.


How It Works

Interplanetary missiles can be launched from the Galaxy Screen by clicking the Missile strike icon.png Missile Strike Icon. In order for this icon to be active, you must have missiles available, and the target must be in range.

They can also be launched from an espionage report by clicking the text "Missile Strike" at the bottom of the report. This option is always shown if the planet you are viewing the report from has missiles available, even if the planet is out of range.

Should the planet be out or range the following error is shown

"Planet is not in range of your Interplanetary Ballistic Missiles. Upgrade your Pulse Drive."

Note: Interplanetary Ballistic Missile can only be fired on planets in the same galaxy as the planet the Interplanetary Ballistic Missiles are on.

IBMs cannot be recalled. When they strike a planet, IBMs start at the weakest defenses (Missile Turrets) and work their way up to the strongest. IBMs may instead be targeted at a specific defensive weapon, in which case they will damage those first, and then any remaining damage will be dealt as if untargeted. Defenses destroyed by the IBMs will not automatically be rebuilt. It should be noted that multiple planets can launch IBMs at one target simultaneously.

During an IBM attack, the defending world will automatically deploy any Anti-ballistic Missiles (ABMs). Each ABM on the defending world will automatically destroy one incoming IBM, preventing it from doing any damage.

A Missile strike does not use a Fleet slot.

Unlike normal combat units, damage from an IBM is not absorbed by defending shields. Only the hull strength of the defending unit is counted. The IBM is used up in an attack, so its shield and hull are irrelevant. Each missile does 12,000 total damage, increased by 10% per level of Weapons Tech. (i.e. a Weapons Tech Level 10 IBM does 24,000 total damage.)

Defenses destroyed by IBMs do not generate/contribute to debris fields. Neither do IBMs destroyed by ABMs generate debris fields.

IBMs can be removed by clicking on the Missile Silo link in the Buildings page.

IBMs, unlike ABMs, use up 2 missile slots in the Missile Silo.

Any IBMs or ABMs that you remove from the silo are gone permanently.

Missile attacks do not count towards bashing.

It is important to note that IBMs are considered a defense, and thus can be destroyed by IBMs launched from another planet if unprotected by ABMs.

It is also important to note that IBMs are NOT destroyed by attacking ships and can only be taken out by the method stated above.

Another piece of information is that IBM strikes do NOT cause activity indication on the attacked planet.


Ore Crystal Hydrogen
12,500 2,500 10,000



(5 x Pulse Drive) -1 = Number of Systems

  • Note, IBMs cannot be fired from one galaxy to another.
Pulse Level Max Systems
1 4
2 9
3 14
4 19
5 24
6 29
7 34
8 39
9 44
10 49
11 54
12 59

Flight Time

In the original universe, the time required is:

Flight times in faster universes are less depending on universe speed.

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