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A little about us:

The Tok`Ra Alliance is a non-aggressive alliance with the goal of working together to gain success. Most of our members are well-versed veterans of Universe 1 under the Tau'ri tag and have come here to start fresh and earn our stripes again. Although we are well-known for our mining operations, we have those who concentrate on fleets and research to make us a very well-balanced group. We mentor our new members and give each a chance to grow to their maximum ability either through mining or other avenues.

We welcome new members to apply and join the fun-loving band of the Tok`Ra. We enjoy a good laugh and pulling together to be a top alliance without the thousands of members. Currently ranked in the top 25 with less than 25 members. We have 5 members in the top 150 currently and more on the rise.

Tok`Ra Alliance Rules of Conduct

The Tok`Ra Alliance promotes peace through strength. We encourage our members to work together for mutual protection and for the elimination of threats to ourselves or our friends and allies. We will not be bullied or bullies.

BEHAVIOR AND CONDUCT: You are to conduct yourself in a respectable manner. Swearing, discrimination and sexist comments made to members both in and out of the alliance will not be tolerated.

Probing of fellow members is prohibited without prior consent from whom you wish to probe. If a member probes you without consent, please bring it to the attention of our leadership.

Members are forbidden from issuing orders to other members unless an exception is made by the alliance leadership. Exceptions may include member mentoring, officer training, etc.

Members will not repeatedly seek resources from other members. A strong alliance is built on players who can contribute and reinforce others as needed. Members who continually seek resources from others without offering something in return will be subject to formal reprimand and/or removal from membership. However, always feel free to help out a fellow member in need.

RULES OF ENGAGEMENT: Members are free to attack non-allied players and any inactive he or she can find.

Members are prohibited from probing or attacking active players that are members of other alliances unless leadership gives the go-ahead or unless said player has probed or attacked you first. Players that are members of an alliance but are inactive can and should be targeted and attacked.

Group attacks should be approved by leadership first. You are the face of this alliance; your actions need to reflect the values of the alliance first and foremost. You place fellow members at risk of retaliation and risk declarations of war when you take aggressive measures by yourself.

Any targeted player who is active and not at war with our alliance, should only be attacked once in a 24-hour period with one wave of attack ships. Exceptions can be made with approval from an officer (i.e., one attack will not have enough ships to gather half of planet's resources, or multiple waves are needed to eliminate defenses, etc.).

Targets of war can and should be harvested with multiple waves to remove resources from use against us.

Echevaria Leader
Commander Tracken XO
Skybarge CAG
Cav Officer
Aielman Officer
Buzz Officer
Ender Wiggin Officer
Sandman Officer
Ekimus Officer
mark334 Member
caka Member
cmd Abe Member
Captain Hitsugaya Member
blue52 Member
Gummi Member

We like to have fun ! by:caka

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