Strategic/Tactical Autonomous Moon Production Service (STAMPS)

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Alliance Name: Strategic/Tactical Autonomous
Moon Production Service
Alliance Tag: Stamps

We currently operates in Galaxy 78 with one branch service base in Galaxy 56. This is an active mining/turtle alliance with a twist.

The alliance provides 20% moon shots to other players (or less than 20% if you prefer speedier turn-around times on attempts).

Players ranked better than anyone in STAMPS can choose between sending the resources needed to construct the moon shot ships to us for the build or enacting a reciprocal moon shot with one of the alliance members. This avoids the possiblity of the higher ranked player being suspended by BFG for Pushing.

Players ranked worse than STAMPS members may in the future be gifted with one free 10% moon shot; at this time such generosity is not possible.

Moon shots are provided on a contractual basis, through negotiation with the alliance leader, T'ai Kung Chiang Shang. At present a contract has been agreed upon between STAMPS and a customer, once that is fulfilled another can be enacted.

As STAMPS grows we will be able to handle multiple contracts at once, in numerous areas. A % fee is charged per galaxy the moon shot ships must traverse outside of our immediate area of operations.

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