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Starfleet Commander Extreme 2Starfleet Commander Hired GunsStarfleet Commander Nova
Starfleet Commander OriginalStarfleet Commander TournamentStarfleet Commander Tournament/Season One
Starfleet Commander Tournament/Season TwoStarfleet Commander Uni 2Starfleet Commander Uni 3
Starfleet Renegades(SFR)
Starfleet Section 31Starfleet UniverseStargate Command (S G C)
Stargate Universe (SGU)Starship MercenariesStarwolf Legion (SWL)
Sto-Vo-Kor (SVK)Stoned Space Monkeys(420)Store
Strategic/Tactical Autonomous Moon Production Service (STAMPS)Summerlund (Kai)
Sword of Justice(SOJ)
TerminologyTerms of UseTerraform
Thanatos Class Destroyer
TheAlliance TheAllianThe AcademyThe Accord (TACC)
The Alliance (mo-ha-ha)The Ancient Ones (TAO)The Ancient Ones Extreme (TAO Ex)
The Arcan Imperium (Arcan Im)The Borg (The Borg)The Briar Patch(TBP)
The Children of Kobal (CoK)The Chill Factor Zone(CFZ)The Circle of Shadows (~Shadow~)
The Corporation (Profit)The Dark Federation of Darkness (The Dark)The Dark Tower(D-Tow)
The Defiant(TD)The Devils Own(Hades)The EMPIRE
The Empire of light (Light)The Exile(Exile)The Exile(Exiled)
The Exile (Exiled)The Fighting Hornets(HORNETS)The Fighting Hornets(Hornets)
The First Order(KyloRen)The Futurists Alliance (TFA)The Glorious Order of the Black Kabal (OBK)
The Holy Order of Jedi Knights (JKA)The Knights who say "NEE!"(NEE!)The LEGION (☼LEGION☼)
The Nameless(⌐O=O¬)The Next Step (FIRST ST)The Nexus (Nexus)
The Outer Frontier (FRONTIER)The Q Continuum (Q)The Rebel Alliance(TRA)
The Rebel Alliance (TRA)The Rebellion (REBELS)The Regiment (Regis)
The Regulator AllianceThe Republic of the Phoenix (R.O.P.)The Ship Destroyers(D.S.P)
The Shrubbery Alliance of Jersey(Bush)The Sigma Interplanetary AllianceThe SpaceWolves (Wolves)
The Sphere of 4000The Star Warriors(TSW)The Stonecutters(SC)
The Terran Star Commonwealth (TSC II)The Twelve Colonies of Kobol (KOBOL)The United Federation of Planets(*UFP*)
The UniversesThe Ur-Quan Hierarchy (Ur-Quan)The Volaris Federation(=VoFed=)
The Warriors of Modern Death (WOMD)The White Star Fleet (WSF)The Yeti
The bringer of Light(Pilgrims)This Land (Leaf)TimeLords(TL)
Time Bandits(*HAVOC*)Time Wasters(TIME)Time Wasters(TW)
Time Wasters(Time)Tiresias TowerTogether A Collective Team(TACT)
Tok'raTotal Warfare (T.W.)
TradingTrans-Galactic Diplomatic AgencyTransport
Tribulation Force(Raptured)
Triton Class Recycler
True Klingon (Bat'leth)True Pug Empire (Pug)
Typhon Class CruiserUF6 (Extreme)
Umbra Lux LucisUniMatrix Zero (UniMat0)United Confederate of Planets(UCP)
United Federation of Planets(UFP)United Federation of Planets (UFP Extreme 2)United Jedi Federation (U.J.F Extreme 2)
United Nations Space Command (UNSC)United Space Command (U.S.C.)United States Navy(USN)
United federation of planets (Starflee)
Uranium HexafluorideUrcathUtopia (Pieceful)
Vacation ModeValente do Moita (Valente)
Vanguards of Madness (VOM)Vessel Detection TechVillains Intergalactic League of Evil (Vile)
VnV Nation (VnV)VoidWolf(HOWL)Volunteer Fire Department(V.F.D)
Vortex Class FighterVulcan High Command (Vulcan)
WHO Alliance (WHO atta)Wanna Build a Snowman(FROZEN)
WarWarp DriveWarp Gate
Weapons Rating
Weapons tech
WelcomeWhat to do When Under AttackWhisky Jacks(WJx)
Winners(Win)Wolf Cubs(Cubs)
WorkersWorking Man's Clan(NOPAY)Wrath of the Titans(Titans)
XXxXXx(xXx)XXx (xXx)
XYZX - 1(X - 1)
Zagreus Class Recycler
Zeus Class
~ShadowForce~ (~S F~)~xXx~ Training Alliance«Elite Freedom Fighters»(«MAYHEM»)
«Eradeon Extreme Fighters»(«MAYHEM»)ÐarkNovaTau'ri (ÐkTau'ri)
ЯΞ√ΩLUT↑☼N of Deviant Souls(☠DOGMA☠)

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