Secret Order of the Whale (SOW)

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Secret Order of the Whale (SOW)
Alliance overview
Alliance Name: -
Alliance Tag: -
Genre: Generic
Founded: N/A
Leader: -
Members: N/A
Recruiting: Unknown
Alliance stats
Alliance Rank: N/A
  Total Average
Overall: N/A N/A
Building: N/A N/A
Destroyed Ships: N/A N/A
Fleet: N/A N/A
Defense: N/A N/A
Research: N/A N/A
Crew: N/A N/A
War records
Wins Losses Draws
Last updated: 2015-12-19

SOW operates on these core beliefs...

Alliance Rules:

1) This alliance first and foremost shall do everthing in it's power to defend the sovereignty of it's members. If a fellow member is in trouble, you will be required to send support if you are able to.

2) Currently membership is open to members of a ranking of 15,000 or higher. Those of you that are members that are lower are grandfathered in. If you see someone in your galaxy that is not part of another alliance and you think they would be a good fit, you are an ambassador just as much as I. If you have a person interested, have them contact me.

3) Currently members with a rating of 5,000 or more have the added perk of being on my advisory council. I will allow their input to influence the direction that we take. That is an incentive to grow your rank and in turn, make the alliance better and more appealing to others. The rank of 5,000 will change eventually to maintain a 25% senior leadership ratio.

4) You are not expected to start wars with people without seeking permission from the leadership. If you do, then you risk being dismissed from the alliance. Either know your foe and be sure you can take them on your own, or just don't attack! Again if you are attacked that is different and the alliance will review the best way we can help.

5) Right now the philosophy of the alliance is to not be in diplomacy because you can not help support others with diplomacy on, you are required to turn that off. If you are in a place where you are constantly being attacked then it is suggest that you build a Gaia class and join an alliance member in a safer part of the galaxy.

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