Cappy's Navy

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Cappy's Navy
Alliance overview
Alliance Name: Cappy's Navy
Alliance Tag: CRN
Founded: 07-15-2016
Leader: Captain Retired
Members: 9
Recruiting: Always
Alliance stats
Alliance Rank: Master Class
  Total Average
Overall: 29 25
Building: 27 23
Destroyed Ships: 29 25
Fleet: 20 16
Defense: 40 34
Research: 47 22
Crew: 34 31
Achievement: 45 17
War records
Wins Losses Draws
0 0 0
Last updated: 2016-7-19

Cappy's Navy is a rapidly growing and highly-ranked alliance that has many active and helpful players.

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Flag Officers

  • Fleet Admiral - Captain Retired
  • Admiral (2IC) - Admiral Titan
  • Vice Admiral - DUECE
  • Vice Admiral - Lord Krogus
  • Captain - HPWolfman


These are our current requirements for the different ranks in the alliance:

  • Fleet Admiral - Current Leader of the Alliance
  • Admiral - 2IC of the Alliance, can only be 1, appointed by Fleet Admiral
  • Vice Admirals - Can only be 2, appointed by Fleet Admiral and Admiral
  • Captain - Any member who completes an Officer Application (OA)* and is approved by current officers
  • Master Chief - Any member ranked 500 or Better
  • Chief Petty Officer - Any member ranked 500-999
  • Petty Officer 1st Class - Any member ranked 1,000-1,499
  • Petty Officer 2nd Class - Any member ranked 1,500-1,999 and has been in the alliance for at least 1 month
  • Petty Officer 3rd Class - Any member that has been in the alliance for at least 2 weeks
  • Airman - Any member

*Anyone interested in becoming an officer can send a message to the current 2IC (Admiral Titan) requesting an OA (Officer Application). There is no rank requirement, but any interest person must have been in the alliance for at least 3 months.

Only one promotion can be obtained per week (or at the discretion of the Fleet Admiral). Any member who goes long-term inactive (I) will be demoted to Airman with their previous rank restored upon their return.

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