Bring Your Own Bomb (B.Y.O.B.)

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Bring Your Own Bomb (B.Y.O.B.)
Alliance overview
Alliance Name: Bring Your Own Bomb
Alliance Tag: B.Y.O.B.
Genre: Generic
Founded: 2014-08-19
Leader: Puddz
Members: 30
Recruiting: Yes - Daily Players who enjoy the game, play aggressively, and believe in communication and co-operation!
Alliance stats
Alliance Rank: 6
  Total Average
Overall: 6 7
Building: 7 8
Destroyed Ships: 5 8
Fleet: 5 6
Defense: 1 3
Research: 7 8
Crew: 2 2
War records
Wins Losses Draws
1 0 0
Last updated: 2015-12-13

Bring Your Own Bomb




Puddz Masterbater Bomber
War Buck Senior Brewmaster
Sebiglia Predator
Typhoon Predator
Zippy Predator
Drack'Thul Predator
V DA TERROR Scallywag
Painbringer Scallywag
Capt Worf Momma Scallywag
G.O.W. Scallywag
MorganLeFay Scallywag
Tyrion YTS Scallywag
Qwerx YTS Scallywag


Captain qualude
Zadok Allen
Commander Wheeler

Lord Of Terror
Siger Rex
Red Beard

Bob Uzzell
Peps revenge
Uncle K
Commander Jandau

Rules & Regulations

These are also known to us as the The Twelve Commandments - These 12 rules must be obeyed!
1. Regular posting on the boards are a must, at least every couple days but every day if you can, it can be about anything.

2. V mode - if going into v mode please let us all know.

3. If you have a problem with anything or anyone and if it's not me, Puddz, contact me in a PM, or any of the other officers, all our doors are open to yeh all!

4. Post stats weekly

5. Don't antagonise other players. If they hit you don't start a war of words, just accept it, and try for revenge when you get stronger.

6. If you get attacked because you didn't FRS, don't look for others to step in and seek revenge, FRS is the most important part of getting stronger. If you need a bit of help to rebuild, there will be members ready to offer what they can.

7. Every member is expected to work together, listen to and learn from your senior officers; War Buck, Sebiglia, Zippy, Typhoon and Drack'Thul.

8. If you find that you aren't getting the fun you would like, speak up, someone will help you!

9. All senior players will hand out resources to lower ranked players to help them grow.

10. Always have B.Y.O.B. fun!

11. Look after each other and support those who need it, always ask for advice if you need some, and don't be afraid to speak out about anything!

12. Sign in and out daily so anyone can find out who is on for GA or GD. I do understand that someone can forget, but please all try their best to remember.


Behavior and Conduct

  • These are as important as the Twelve Commandments!
    • AKA Don't get caught with your fleets at home while you are away!
  1. There is to be no swearing or discriminating comments made to other members or even players from outside of the alliance.
    (When in doubt Throw bomb in the room that should improve everyone's mood)
  2. The Dumbest Question is the one unasked. All others will be answered.
  3. FRS is a way of life - Any other way is a Moon Shot and lots of debris. The pix to the right briefly explains how to FRS. Please ask if you have any questions.
  4. Everyone is required to post the location of their planets in the Alliance topic "stronghold colonisation". This way we can learn where we are a bit weak and where other members can send colonizing fleets join up. We are trying for a mix of high to low ranks or just similar ranks in each of our operating sectors for GA and GD.

Rules of Engagement (We want everyone to get as much DSP as possible)

  • Buying a round of whatever comes to mind to celebrate a successful engagement, promotion, or build/research completion is expected and proper. However if nothing comes to mind, toss a Molotov Cocktail into the room loaded with your favorite alcoholic beverage. Oh and don't light it unless you are burning mad!
  1. Members are free to attack inactive and un-aligned(to us, that is) players.
  2. In fact we urge you to jump in and enjoy the game. Attacking NPC's is also recommended.
  3. Group Attacks are a lot of fun. Participation has its own rewards!
  4. DDSS = Don't Do Stupid Stuff! Always use common sense and remember that this is a game.
    (we aren't sure what this means - We 'borrowed' it from another Alliance and don't know what to do with it)
  5. Did we mention we want everyone get plenty of DSP? Thought so! More important we want you to play and communicate!
  6. This is not a rule but enjoy playing, try to interact and find out about fellow players, find where others of similar rank as you are and do GA with them. Don't have all your planets near each other. Spread out to where others are to give you more options and support.

Charts and Graphs

Alliance Charts





This pie chart is an example of the charts I used to make for our members and of our enemies. It helped us understand our own playing styles and also our enemies.
These are my actual stats as of 9/20/2014

Enemy Charts



If you want to

Join us

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